Whether you are considering a conservatory roof replacement, new build conservatory or an extension, we have the solution for you.

The SupaLite roof systems have all undergone exhaustive testing following years of research and design. It’s imperative that homeowners make the right decision when investing in a solid roof to ensure the building is a safe and habitable place that also adds value to the property.

Specifying the SupaLite Roof will ensure the correct configuration and overall solution for your all year round living space.

  • STRUCTURAL lightweight aluminium roof, engineered and designed to last a lifetime
  • INCREDIBLE U-Value with increased thermal performance which saves money on your energy bills
  • WIDE CHOICE of tile and slate colours to either match or contrast your existing property
  • ADD VALUE to your home with the feel of an extension for all year round living space


UNIQUE fascia and soffit detail with options for external lighting to give the wow factor in the evenings

COLOUR choice of fascias, soffits and guttering to either match or contrast your existing property

10 YEAR GUARANTEE The SupaLite Roof is a tried and tested product, with the system and some of its products holding accreditations such as BBA, BRE and CORGI

APPROVED with Building Regulations

New Build, Replacement Roof or Commercial Building

Dream Living Space The SupaLite Roof can be installed on new build conservatories or on new extensions.

Many commercial properties are now fitting SupaLite Roofs on restaurants, nursing homes, educational buildings and extensions.

These buildings will also benefit from the added property values gained by installing a SupaLite Roof.

Cross Section Details

3D Conservatory Illustration

Glass Panels


The SkyVista glass panels have an option for blue or neutral solar control, self-cleaning glass, up to lengths of 3 metres. 

With a 60% solar heat reflection, that still allows 45% of natural light into the building, it’s the best of glazing solutions.

A Beautiful and Practical Blend of Lightweight Tiles and Glass Panels Control the temperature of your conservatory whilst making the most of natural light with our new product, the SupaLite SkyVista – a combination of our roof and glass panels.

Unlike traditional conservatory roofs, the technology behind the SkyVista means your conservatory will be cool and comfortable on hot sunny days and warm and cosy on cold winter days. Plus, you won’t have to climb up ladders to clean your roof, as the

SkyVista glass is self-cleaning! The SkyVista can be configured to numerous conservatory styles, including Edwardian, Victorian and Lean-to, and it comes in two colour options, blue and neutral.